Y Celeb – Zambia Kuchalo Album ZIP Download

Y Celeb – Zambia Kuchalo Album ZIP Download

In the Zambian music scene, numerous talented artists have risen, and Y Celeb stands out as a formidable force. However, his latest album, “Zambia Ku Chalo,” is a testimony to his artistry and the vibrant musical landscape of Zambia. With a blend of impressive beats, insightful lyrics, and an array of collaborations, this album showcases Y CELEB‘s ability to connect with his audience on various levels.

Above all, the album includes partnerships with a range of skilled artists like Macky 2, Yo Maps, F Jay, Ndine Emma, T-Sean, Frank Ro, Chef 187, Xain, Ray Dee , Xaven and more. In addition, the combined efforts of IQONBEATS and SNIZZY BEATX in mixing and production result in a sonically rich and captivating album.

Furthermore, Whether you’re seeking to download his latest tracks or simply craving an unforgettable musical journey, we’re here to make it happen. Feel free to reach out to us through email or connect with us on our vibrant Facebook page.

Y Celeb Zambia Kuchalo Album Tracklist

  1. Intro (feat. Trinna South) – Prod. by IQON BEATS
  2. Pusanako (feat. Emmy Zambia) – Prod. by SNIZZY BEATX
  3. Kukalale (feat. Alfred) – Prod. by IQONBEATS
  4. Kulukungu (feat. Mikha’el) – Prod. by OMGFO
  5. Nali Chinga Kale (feat. Yo Maps x Macky2) – Prod. by OMGFO
  6. LyONSE (feat. Xain) – Prod. by OMGFO
  7. Who Do You Think You Are (feat. JC Kalincs, Raydee) – Prod. by IQON BEATS
  8. Stronger (feat. Goddy Zambia) – Prod. by IQON BEATS
  9. Y Celeb – Soldier – Prod. by IQON BEATS
  10. Serious (feat. Chef 187 & F Jay) – Prod. by SNIZZY BEATX
  11. Neka (feat. Kanina Kandalama) – Prod. by King Nachi
  12. Holy Father (feat. Kassy D Troy, T Sean) – Prod. by IQON BEATS
  13. No Weapon Against Me (feat. Macky 2) – Prod. by IQON BEATS
  14. Ndeku Tasha (feat. Frank RO) – Prod. by IQON BEATS
  15. Pyamo feat Dimple Williams – Prod by IQON BEATS
  16. Nshilefwaya x Ray D feat Xain – Prod by IQON BEATS
  17. Financial Break feat Mr. Turner – Prod by Mr. Turner
  18. Lodon feat Dwani – Prod by SNIZZY BEATX
  19. Tekanya Blo feat Super Kenna, Xaven, Chef 187, Pampih 28, Ndine Emma, Briyo Aki Na Popo, Swizzy Ni Sw
  20. Made It feat Vinchezo x J Celeb – Prod by IQON BEATS
  21. Outro


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